A Digital Agency

Let’s discuss your digital needs and see if and how we can help you.

Forward Thinking

Innovation is happening every moment at Mekanism.

Problem Solvers

We quickly identify and find solutions.

Customer Support

We are friendly and love to help.

Oriented on results

We measure everything and find the solution to improve.

Save time and money

We will save your time and money by innovating and finding the best solutions.

Project based

We love to work on project-based but we don’t take accept the ones that aren’t a perfect match for our knowledge and resources.

Strong Analytical Skills

After we receive your info, we have the perfect team to analyse it and see things that other can’t.

Our Story

We have all worked in leading companies and this is the way we got to know each other. After we became friends and we realized that we are already working as a team for more than 7 years, we decided to go our own way. We created MEKANISM, our home that welcomes everybody who loves high-quality marketing.


  • Influencer Marketing 95% 95%
  • Consultative web advertising 65% 65%
  • Link building 70% 70%
  • PR & SEO 40% 40%