Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing involves marketing products and services to those who have a sway over the things other people buy. This market influence typically stems from an individual’s expertise, popularity, or reputation. Marketing to an audience of influencers is similar to word of mouth marketing.


Your customers will find you!

Particularly on the internet, brands want potential customers to be made aware of them.

Advertorials: A prime example of successful inbound marketing

The most popular medium for inbound marketing is blogs and other websites, on which brands place their advertorials. An advertorial, from the words “advertisement” + “editorial”, and as its name suggests, is a promotional advertisement, but one which has obvious added value for the user, and which is integrated so inconspicuously into the surrounding website that there is no break between it and the rest of the content. This preserves the purpose of the advertisement, but it is the added practical value for the user which is at the foreground. Moreover, it should also be mentioned that advertorials have the benefit of being entirely compliant with Google webmaster guidelines, as long as they are identified as ads and that the nofollow attribute is used for all outgoing links.

This combination achieves presence, an increase in brand awareness and reach, and in ideal cases even the number of conversions. Furthermore, the use of advertorials also builds up a community of interested users that can be converted to customers much more easily than with other marketing methods — after all, it is proven that advertorials are significantly more effective than banner ads. But the greatest advantage is that advertorials are much more cost-effective when compared to outbound marketing methods despite their greater effectiveness. This not only makes advertorials the prime example of effective inbound marketing, but also makes them the online advertising format with the best prospects at the current time.

Big Digital Campaings

It’s the perfect service for companies that need to make known a new product or service. Another great use of the big digital campaings is to gather market share by offering a discount / promo.

We can publish in the same time, 10 different reviews on at least 10 top websites, focused on your domain. The average traffic for these websites is huge.

Link Building Campaign

Each link building campaign is customized toward the specific client and our goal is to provide a variety of links using a range of link building methods. Our most common methods include the following:

  • Competitive Backlink Analysis– We carefully analyze our client’s backlink profile, as well as that of their competitors. This allows for a cross comparison of all link profiles and exposes opportunities that have not yet been realized. We develop a fully customizable action plan to acquire these missing assets.
  • Real-Time Linking– Commenting on relevant blogs, wikis, forums and social media platforms can create very viable, high value links. The real time linking process has also proven to be quite instrumental in creating a source for relevant site traffic to follow posts back to your website.
  • Guest Blogging– By manually researching the client’s vertical, we find highly authoritative blogs and provide exceptional content that is published to provide quality links.
  • Customizable Outreach– Utilizing existing linkable assets, we specifically target websites that could best benefit from sharing your content with their community.

MEKANISM  prides itself on the following:

  • All of our link building is performed in-house.
  • We do not work with “paid” links, link “rentals” or “link farms.” Our process is very natural and manpower driven. We don’t take shortcuts.
  • We report actual links developed, not submitted. There is a big difference.
Paid Search Advertising

The paid search landscape is increasingly cluttered and competitive. In order to maximize results, you need robust technology, insightful data analysis skills, and continual performance-based testing. MEKANISM excels in comprehensive and scalable paid search optimization.

Our deep expertise in paid search enables us to address complex challenges from changes in inventory levels and demand, to fluctuations in pricing, seasonality, promotions, and co-op funding. We know that mobile searches will soon outpace desktop searches and that online shopping is heavily influenced by social media. Our approach responds and adjusts to this rapidly changing landscape, and keeps your campaigns current with industry changes and your business’s challenges.

For years, MEKANISM team has been helping top brands achieve their objectives with paid search, consistently delivering year-over-year increases in revenue and matching efficiency goals. We manage every element from account setup or overhaul to keyword research and expansion, ad copy, landing page recommendations, bid management, and ongoing testing. We have extensive experience managing complex enterprise accounts with multiple goals and even competing products.

Display Advertising

Display advertising helps influence customers throughout the sales process, from awareness to conversion. Depending on the campaign objective, we can help you leverage display media either as a brand awareness and engagement tool or as a channel to close the conversion cycle and increase revenue (remarketing). Using a combination of third party data, our proprietary research, and search data, we craft a strategy to influence your prospective consumers where they are online.

Social media advertising on networks like Facebook and LinkedIn affords exceptional demographic and interest-based targeting. We manage and optimize social media advertising campaigns through continual testing, measurement, and refinement, helping you to engagement more fully with your audiences.

Landing Page Optimization

What is Landing Page Optimization Anyway?

Whether traffic is coming to your site from Paid or Earned Media sources, users will end up at a landing page. If you think about it, with all the different types of potential customers who will visit your site daily, it doesn’t really make sense to show all of them the same landing page. Providing multiple versions of a site’s landing page with targeted copy and images for a specific audience is Landing Page Optimization, and it could make all the difference in whether or not a user converts to a customer.
What you probably don’t know…

For most marketers, the primary goal of online marketing efforts is to drive traffic to a website, and ultimately increase conversations. It’s great to use Paid Search, SEO, Display Advertising, and Social Media strategies to drive quality traffic to your website, but what happens once they get there? In today’s competitive online landscape, it’s more important than ever to know your customer, and meet their specific needs. The limitlessness of the Internet has created fickle users who will easily click to the next site if they don’t find what they want, which is why ongoing testing is necessary. It’s an ever-changing environment.
Are you doing any landing page testing to keep visitors on your site and convert to customers?
What Are Landing Page Optimization Services all about?

Through years of testing for our clients, The Search Agency has found that performance-based marketing requires a tight alignment between the pre-click traffic drivers and post-click consumer experience.  That’s where Landing Page Optimization services come into play.
Your brand’s conversion path might consist of a single landing page, a microsite, a shopping cart, or a registration form. In any case, Landing Page Optimization requires a blend of creativity and hard-core number crunching. Our team of web designers, copywriters, programmers, and data analysts have developed and optimized a wide range of landing pages, microsites, and full conversion paths for our clients. Our Landing Page Optimization specialists align ad creative and keywords with your SEM and display campaigns to provide a consistent brand experience and maximize conversions.

Search Engine Optimization

MEKANISM search engine optimization services are unique to the industry with verifiable results. Our SEO team procedures have been proven to increase domain authority with on and off site optimization techniques, which work in unison with content marketing and social media strategies to increase your visibility on search engine result pages.

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