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17 High Traffic & DA Websites



















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Campaign Publishers – 17 High Traffic & DA Websites


Unique monthly traffic – 9.6 million

DA – 93

Unique monthly traffic – 40.5 million

DA – 92

Unique monthly traffic – 3.6 million

DA – 77

Unique monthly traffic – 1.3 million

DA – 82

Unique monthly traffic – 1.7 million

DA – 69

Unique monthly traffic – 3.3 million

DA – 63

Unique monthly traffic – 933.000

DA – 85

Unique monthly traffic – 1.3 million

DA – 83

Unique monthly traffic – 1.7 million

DA – 69

Unique monthly traffic – 571.000

DA – 65

Unique monthly traffic – 1.3 million

DA – 94

Unique monthly traffic – 2.3 million

DA – 86

Unique monthly traffic – 802.000

DA – 71

Unique monthly traffic – 750.000

DA – 54

Unique monthly traffic – 2.7 million

DA – 59

Unique monthly traffic – 420.000

DA – 54

Unique monthly traffic – 4.4 million

DA – 66

Why join this project:


There are several reasons why you should join this campaign, find below 7 of them:

1. Your product or services will be reviewed on high DA and traffic websites.

2. You will get minimum one link from each website.

3. You will choose the keywords that work great for your business.

4. You will get exposure and potential customers for your business.

5. You will gain a lot of trust by appearing on some of the most important blogs.

6. You can use these campaigns to launch products or services, to advertise your existing products, and to get new customers.

7. Least, but not last, we are proud to say that nobody else can offer you a similar or better service. 

 What is happening step-by-step:



  • You start by telling us what spot (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc., depending on your budget and needs) you want to book. 
  • We prepare you the invoice that is due. The invoice will be paid by credit card, PayPal, or bank transfer.
  • After the payment is made, you tell us what to write about, which keywords and links to use, and you send 1-2 high-resolution pictures to use in the articles.
  • When everything is ready, you will receive the drafts and you will have 48 hours to review them and request edits.
  • We publish all the articles, and we take care of your bonuses (depending on your position in the campaign).
  • The campaign ends when you receive all the links and the included bonuses for your spot.





* If we cannot publish an article on a certain publication, we will change it with another one, similar in terms of Domain Rating or Monthly Unique Traffic.

There are many reasons why this situation takes place from time to time (blog owners decide to increase the price with no reason and without notice; they don’t answer our emails; some get the money and never publish our articles, and many other reasons).

If you are not happy with the change, we will refund as following: the price you paid for the articles divided to 17 articles.

Example: You paid $850 and you are not happy with a certain website change. You will be refunded $850 / 17 = $50

If for any reason we cannot deliver a promised service, you will get 100% refunded for that service.

** Bonuses for each spot, as described in the pricing section, are included only if the list price is paid.

The campaign will start on 12 September 2022, when the first article will be published.

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