What we do for you?

  • RON (Run On Network) banners

  • Full articles – Get traffic, links, and exposure

  • Collective articles – advertising campaigns on 10-30 websites in which the costs are shared among different companies. The huge benefit is that everybody pays less and gets published on top, very expensive online publications.

  • Email campaigns with up to 1 million contacts

  • SMS Marketing | WhatsApp Marketing | TikTok |

RON (Run On Network)

Pick a couple of websites or go big and select up to 50 websites for banner advertising. Sky is the limit.

Collective Articles

Collective articles will help you get published on top websites without paying the huge prices that are normally requested, by sharing the costs with other companies.

Full Articles

Full articles will help you get traffic, links, and exposure.

Email Campaigns

We do dedicated email campaigns with up to 1 million contacts – web designers, web developers, and online entrepreneurs.

You decide the audience.

Some of our WORK

Collective articles published on Entrepreneur, TechRadar, Creative Bloq, TemplateMonster and other websites.


Over 500 published articles in the last 5 years.


Over 1 billion impressions reached.


Over 1 billion people reached.

Meet our CEO

Vlad started MEKANISM.CO boutique agency in 2015 as a need of professional marketing services for his own companies.

After a short period of time, MEKANISM.CO started to work with external customers, companies from all over the world, most of them from the web design and web development industries.

The agency worked with small companies, but also with corporations like WIX, Tailor Brands, Elegant Themes, Elementor, and many others.

Mekanism works actively with over 100 active customers, from all parts of the world.

Learn how to create your own digital agency from 0

This is an 1 to 1 private course in which you will learn how to create your own digital agency.

The trainer is the owner of this agency.

For 2022, there are no spots left and we already booked the firsts months of 2023.

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To be competitive and deliver outstanding quality, we have a smart approach.

We work with professional freelancers from all parts of the world.

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